Living the Lunar Life is a specialized term that we have coined in our unique approach to sacred sexuality as an integral part of a larger body of holistic studies. Living the Lunar Life refers to a lifestyle that is based upon the Law of Periodicity or Law of Cycles. This term, comes out of our development of a system based on some of the ancient moon lore and holistic traditions in the art of healing and spirituality as well as modern scientific discoveries about the effects of the moon on our overall health and well-being. It is a graphic blueprint that mainly outlines how the meaning of the 8 phases of the moon and the significance of the individual 28 nights may be used to draw significance from one’s living in a spiritual as well as a physical sense. We call this philosophical system ASoP, or A String of Pearls, because it looks like a pearl necklace when each of the phases and the digits of the moon are all drawn together in a circular form and because the insights gathered from applying the special yoga and breathing practices are considered to be pearls of experience that are also journaled nightly to help to harmonize the body and mind with the rhythms of the moon’s tides. Living in harmony with the natural cycles puts us in harmony with the very principles of health, wealth, prosperity and success. We also call this diagram the Moon Mandala because it is a visualization tool for meditation . A copy of this mandala of the ASoP system may be purchased on our website as well as online instruction of its use as well as classes on the philosophy. If you intend to follow the series of articles that will further discuss this subject, it can also be a useful visual aid for those not familiar with the Lunar Cycle.

Firstly, ASoP offers a purposeful cultivation within our awareness of how the moon’s tides, via the Lunar Cycle affects all areas of our lives as men and women beginning with our bodies and ending with our spirits. Secondly, it is the practical use of this knowledge of the Lunar Cycle towards bettering the quality of how we live, harmonizing all areas of it with what we know from experience that makes this system a valuable “string of pearls”. Whether it is when we eat, sleep, play or engage intimacy, we are ALL affected by cycles that govern our lives. ASoP puts the practitioner of its principles in the direct knowing because such knowledge is experiential rather than just information based. The remotest of ancient societies, most of which were feminine-centered became aware that the moon’s tides are the most notable influences amongst those of them that affect our lives consistently. This has been thought to only include the realm of fertility in women, but in truth, it also includes the state of virility in men as well. In this column, our 1st series will focus will rest heavily on the ancient wisdom associated with the Lunar Sciences as it relates to sex and sexuality as a holistic healing vehicle of sensual experience. We hope to expose in plain sight that which has been obscured by our modern world’s technological advancements (really distractions) and only apparently lost to society as a whole. We, therefore, intend to share the basics of the way we may put these things to practical use in our lives from a holistic perspective so that we can choose best how we want to live it. And this we call Living the Lunar Life. Its work begins in what we will call “the sexual economy”.