Who We Are

In 2009 Goddess Herstory launched its first initiative to establish a center dedicated to the study of feminine divinity. The Lakshmi Holistic Arts Center, named for Lakshmi a Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm is the manifestation of that objective. Such attributes are in keeping with our forward movement as a Goddess centered arts organization and our objective towards success on all levels of life. We host numerous events, workshops and classes for those interested in developing their lives from a spiritual artistic perspective. We are located inside of the newest artist community project know as Castle Braid in Bushwick located at 114 Troutman St., Brooklyn, NY 11206. .

Our Philosophy

“Where the mind goes the body will follow”. Founded in 2006 by Jawanza ^SEHU?!. Amennun and Jennifer Astarte’ Lane, Goddess HerStory is an organization whose collective body is dedicated to teaching the legacy of early matriarchal societies and their contributions to history. As an organization through our disciplinary practice we provide personal development tools such as yoga, meditation, pranayama, visualization and tantric philosophies as a platform for creative artistic expression and community support for women and interested men looking to bring about transformation within their lives and who have a desire to educate themselves in the feminine arts. This is done in an effort to reconnect our community to powerful images of matriarchal philosophies and practices from an obscure but not lost era.

Our Mission

We provide support to every interested woman’s pursuit of the realization of the sacredness of femininity by assisting in the process of awakening them to the truth that “women need not be empowered, but are the very essence of power”. We seek to re-connect women to an active awareness of this power as it appears naturally in the cyclical nature of the lives of both ancient and modern women. We also seek to extend these efforts towards men-of-good-will-towards-women who are interested in the study of HerStory.

This mission is accomplished through the administering of instruction by way of workshops, lectures, social gatherings and providing community support towards the education and enlightenment of all to the legacy of women of all races and colors. Our main medium of expression is effected through the Theatrical Ritual Players. Via the performing arts we retell mythological stories of the ancient Goddesses in ways that are
both entertaining and expressive of the colorful nature of women. These stories are performed with poetry, belly dance, and song to convey the timelessness of the feminine centered philosophies and ideas.

“So Mote It Be!”